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Repair Process

Repair Process:


  1. Getting an estimate is always the first step in getting your car repaired, at Christy’s Auto Body estimates are always free.
  2. Deciding where you want to get your car fixed (if your car is at another location and not drivable we can easily have your car towed to our location).
  3.  Once you have decided you are getting your car repaired at our facility, we order the parts immediately (we may require a deposit at this time if you are a self-pay).
  4.  When your car is brought to our facility, and we have the go ahead from either you, or the insurance company involved we begin repairs immediately.
  5.  Damaged parts are then removed from the automobile and new parts are put on. Repairs are finished at this point (we provide a limited lifetime written warranty on our workmanship).
  6.  Car moves into prep stage to get painted. Its sanded and prep-solvents are used on the surfaces being painted, so the paint can last the life of the car.
  7.  Car is put back together if necessary. e.g bumpers are normally painted off the car and put on after painted.
  8.  We then provide a curtsey detail on the vehicle.
  9.  Finally, we will set up a time that works best for you to return your rental car (If you have a rental car), and pick up you vehicle. We will give you an estimated date of when that is when you originally drop off your car.
  10.  Please know during the duration of the above processes we want you to be totally satisfied and you can always check in on the status of vehicle at any time.

As always we thank you sincerely for your business,
Christy’s Auto Body Inc.

All information on this page is for reference only, do not rely it to be up to date or accurate. Policies may change without any notice.