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Insurance Claims Process

Insurance Claims Process:


  • First part of the claims process is calling the insurance company & setting up claim, then giving a statement (Claim number will be given at this point). If you have an attorney involved, your attorney will give the statement for you.


  • An adjuster will then be assigned to your claim and they will be in contact with you or the shop where the vehicle is located.


  • Next a preliminary estimate is written, this estimate covers what the adjuster can see at the time of the accident, without or before any parts are removed. We will let you know what was written for repair, replacement and even what types of parts were written.


  • Then the parts on the car that are damaged are removed from the vehicle, at this time if there are additional parts that were not written in the preliminary estimate, we will have an adjuster come out for a supplement.


  • Insurance company will then give the go ahead and commence repairs, parts will be replaced and or repaired, and if an additional supplement is needed we will have to wait till the adjuster comes out and supplement is approved before we can finish repairs.


  • Final stage when vehicle is almost finished we check to make sure vehicle is driving properly and wheels feel aligned etc. (all depends on the level of the accident). If anything with the suspension feels off or mechanically problems are present (only if related to accident) we will have adjuster come out again for supplement and final repairs will be made at this time.


  • To finish you will then check your car, you are making sure that you are satisfied with all repairs made, an insurance form(s) may be needed to be signed (allows any additional payments to be sent to us). Additional supplements can still be opened at this time if needed.




All information on this page is for reference only, do not rely it to be up to date or accurate. Policies may change without any notice.